Questions about personal data security and privacy

How is Yandex Browser protected?

Yandex Browser uses its own integrated security system called Protect, which scans downloaded files for viruses, blocks infected and fraudulent websites and disturbing advertising, and secures user passwords, credit card data, and Yandex Browser settings.

Turning on the family content filter

You can't filter search content directly in Yandex Browser. However, you can enable family search in Yandex Search.

Disabling JavaScript support

Note. By default, JavaScript support is enabled.

To prevent websites from using JavaScript:

  1. Open the webpage.
  2. In the SmartBox, click the connection status icon.
  3. The Protect panel opens. In the connection status section, click Learn more.
  4. In the Permissions section, find the JavaScript option and select Always block on this site from the list.

Fix the time error

Site certificates that guarantee a secure connection have a limited validity period. If a certificate expires, then it is not safe to send your information to the site. This is why Yandex Browser blocks sites with expired certificates.

If time settings are not accurate on your computer, Yandex Browser can't determine if the site's certificate is current or not. This is why, when opening the site, you will see the message “Your clock is ahead” or “Your clock is behind”.

To continue on to that site, click Update date and time. In the system settings that open, set the correct date and time and then refresh your browser page.