Search and viewing

Open Favorites by clicking . To find content, start typing the name into the search bar. Select one of the options on the list or use the quick access buttons:

  • , if you remember which folder has the required content.
  • All, if you have added the content recently.
  • Links, Images, Video, if you have added a link, image, or video from a website.
  • Products, if you have added a product in the Yandex Market online store.

All feeds are sorted by date and time.

Folder structure

To sort materials in Favorites into folders in a convenient way, you can:

  • Create folder
    • In the folder tree: to the right of Favorites, click  → Add folder.
    • Inside the folder: open the folder, click  → Add folder to the right of the name, and enter the folder name. To confirm the action, click , to cancel it, click .
  • Rename: Open the folder and click  → Rename to the right of its name.
  • Rename: Open the folder and click  → Delete to the right of its name.

Bookmark manager

To see all your bookmarks, go to the bookmarks manager by clicking . To the right of Favorites, click  → Open bookmark manager.

If you synced Yandex Browser on different devices, folders named after the device (such as Smartphone or Tablet) appear in the menu on the left. For more information, see Tab syncing.

If you imported tabs from a different browser, then the folders that you moved also appear in the menu on the left. Your folder names will remain the same. For more information, read the Import bookmarks section.

Tip. To sort bookmarks alphabetically, click   → Sort by title in the upper-right corner of the page.

Bookmarks bar

If you want to see your bookmarks and bookmark folders at all times, enable the bookmarks bar under the SmartBox.

There are several ways to enable and disable the bookmark panel:

Click . To the right of Favorites, click  → Show the bookmarks bar.

Site favicons in the bookmarks bar

By default, the bookmarks bar displays only website names. You can add favicons to the names:

  1. Click   → Settings → Interface.
  2. In the Bookmarks bar section, enable the Show the bookmarks bar option.
  3. Enable the Show site icons option.

To save space, you can display only favicons without the site names:

  1. Make sure that the bookmarks bar is enabled.
  2. Click   → Settings → Interface.
  3. In the Bookmarks bar section, enable the Show the bookmarks bar option.
  4. Enable the Show site icons option.
  5. Find the bookmark in the bookmark panel.
  6. Open the context menu and select Edit.
  7. In the Edit bookmark window, clear the Name field.
  8. Click Save.