Password check

Yandex Browser checks your passwords for vulnerabilities and suggests replacing insecure passwords. Passwords are checked automatically every time a password is saved. All new passwords received during syncing are also checked. You can manually run a password check at any time.

Attention. The password check doesn't work in Incognito mode.
  1. Password check page
  2. Why passwords are insecure
  3. Changing passwords
  4. Disabling password check

Password check page

  1. Click   → Passwords and cards.
  2. If you have a master password, enter it to access password storage.
  3. Click Password check. The check starts.

If the check identifies insecure passwords, change them.

Why passwords are insecure

Your passwords have been found in open databases on the internet. A hacker may choose your username and log in to your account. Change these passwords as quickly as possible to protect your data.

Note. Yandex Browser never sends your passwords anywhere. During the check, Yandex Browser compares the prefixes of password hashes from the storage with the prefixes of insecure passwords.

Changing passwords

  1. Hover the cursor over an insecure password, then click Change on website. The site you saved the password for will open.
  2. Log in to this site and open the password change form.
  3. Change the password to a more secure one or generate one.

Disabling password check

To disable the automatic check:

  1. Click   → Passwords and cards.
  2. Click Settings → Password check.
  3. Disable the Check passwords automatically option.

You can always manually run the password check.