Protect: export passwords

Export passwords from Yandex Browser to a file or archive, and then import them back.

Export passwords from Yandex Browser

Attention. Don't send the file or archive containing your passwords by email, don't give anyone access to them, and delete the file or archive immediately after importing your passwords.
Note. The archive is downloaded in ZIP format.
  1. Click   → Passwords and cards.
  2. Go to Passwords.
  3. If you have already created a master password, enter it to access your vault.
  4. In the upper-right corner, click  → Export passwords .
  5. Select To a password-protected archive.
  6. Enter a password, which should be at least 6 characters long.
  7. To confirm, enter the password again and click Export.
  8. If you use your account password on that computer, enter it in the system password dialog window.
    Note. The system password isn't requested if you have a master password. Also note that Linux doesn't have a system password.
  9. Name the archive and save it in a convenient place.

When all the passwords are exported, Yandex Browser will show you how many passwords have been exported.